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YANGON-A Focal Point of Different Religions

  • Sonia Hlaing
  • 13-Dec-2019
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If you’re traveling to Myanmar, the best city to start in is Yangon! Recognized as the largest city of and gateway to Myanmar, Yangon offers many sights and experiences representing the country.

Sights to See:

Shwedagon Pagoda

Undoubtedly the most famous of Yangon’s pagodas, it is Myanmar’s most sacred Buddhist pagoda. Gilded in gold and gemstones, it is a magnificent and historic landmark.

Downtown Yangon’s Colonial-Era Buildings

You can’t miss out on “Asia’s largest collection of colonial-era buildings” that are remarkably restored or still standing, including the former Secretariat and High Court buildings.

Kandawgyi Lake

Named the “Great Royal Lake”, the lake offers a scenic walk on interconnected wooden bridges and houses a gilded palace/barge in the shape of a mythical bird called the Karaweik.

Bogyoke Zay

Also known as Scott Market, you can enjoy shopping and viewing a variety of local antiques, handicrafts, jewelry, clothing, and art in this cobblestone lined bazaar.

Yangon Circular Railway

If you’re looking to explore the downtown area, we recommend hopping on this train for an affordable sightseeing experience.

Eats to Enjoy:

Rangoon Tea House

This popular establishment serves up fresh MSG-free Burmese breakfast and grill fare alongside traditional tea. Make sure to try their mohinga (Myanmar’s national dish, rice noodles in fish soup), nan gyi thoke (noodles in a chicken and bean flour dressing), and biryani (served in a blanket of naan).

Aung Mingalar Shan Noodle Restaurant

Located in the up-and-coming foodie neighborhood of Yaw Min Gyi, their Shan noodles and mee shay (rice noodles in meat sauce) are well-loved by locals and visitors alike.

Feel Myanmar Restaurant

Head to any of their many branches across Yangon for a complete introduction to Burmese cuisine. Try their many noodle dishes, curries with a side of rice, and fritters for an authentic and affordable feast.

Min-Lan Seafood Restaurant

If you’re craving some excitement for your tastebuds, Min Lan offers spicy Rakhine cuisine and fresh seafood. Try their signature mont di (thin rice noodles in a spicy broth or dressing) and grilled seafood with green chili sauce.

Getting to Yangon:

As the economic and social hub of Myanmar, Yangon is the country’s most accessible city. There are direct flights from approximately 30 cities, and most travelers arrive from nearby cities such as Bangkok (1 hr 30 mins) and Singapore (3 hrs). Once you land at Yangon International Airport (also known as Mingaladon Airport), you can book a taxi to the city.

Getting Around:

There are many methods of getting around the city, typically bus and taxi. Most travelers use GrabTaxi (a Southeast Asian version of Uber/Lyft) because of its convenience and reasonable prices. The Yangon Bus Service is cheaper but is much more difficult to navigate.


For your stay in Yangon, you can choose from a wide range of offerings. For the young and adventurous, there are affordable and modern hostels scattered across downtown. These are best suited for those who wish to explore the city all day and connect with fellow travelers. For families and travelers looking for a more leisurely and comfortable stay, there are local boutiques and luxurious international hotels for your choosing. Contact our representatives to find the perfect lodging for your trip to Yangon!

The highlights we’ve mentioned in this post are just a peek into Yangon’s diverse and exciting culture. Plan your trip now, you don’t want to miss out!

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