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Mandalay-Cultural City of Myanmar

  • Sonia Hlaing
  • 19-Dec-2019
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As the former royal capital of Myanmar, Mandalay is a city rich in culture and cuisine. If you want to learn more about what Mandalay offers, look no further!

Sights to See:

Kuthodaw Pagoda

Known as the “world’s largest book”, 730 tablets inscribed with Buddhist texts are housed in a grid of individual white and gold-gilded stupas.

U Bein Bridge

Located in Amarapura, this bridge is the world’s oldest and longest teak bridge. Feel free to stroll across and shop for local trinkets and handicrafts.

Royal landmarks

Appreciate traditional Burmese architecture as you view the majestic Amarapura Palace Ruins, the sprawling grounds of the Mandalay Palace and the teak-carving artistry of the Shwenandaw Monastery.

Pyin Oo Lwin

A two-hour drive from Mandalay, you can travel back in time to the colonial era and enjoy horse-drawn carriages and colonial buildings such as the Governor’s Summer Palace. The town’s National Kandawgyi Botanical Gardens, home to hundreds of indigenous species and 3 different museums, is also a popular site.

Zegyo Market

This bustling market is the city’s oldest and most prominent market run and visited by locals. While it can get a bit hectic, it offers an exciting experience where you can find cheap and delicious local produce and unique souvenirs up for purchase.

Eats to Enjoy:

Soe Soe Mont Ti

Mandalay’s signature dish is undoubtedly Mandalay mont ti, which is thick rice noodles dressed in a meat sauce and various vegetable toppings. Soe Soe is an age-old chain frequented by locals; check it out!

Shwe Pyi Moe Tea Shop

This busy establishment serves up hearty breakfast fare. Try their mont ti and Shan noodles with your choice of toppings and a pot of black tea for a classic Mandalay meal!

16th Street Mee Shay

You know a restaurant has good food when they’re known by just their location! Take a seat on their colorful plastic stools and enjoy their steaming hot bowls of mee shay, which is rice noodles and cuts of pork in a rich pork rib broth.

Man Myo Daw Paut Si

Mandalay is a blend of Chinese and Burmese cultures, and this fact is especially noticeable in their food! Man Myo Daw serves meat-filled paut si (steamed buns) and piping hot xiao long bao (soup dumplings).

Pan Cherry Noodle House & Cafe

Another Chinese-rooted restaurant, this place offers comfort food and a variety of vegan options. Try their noodle soups and salads with a side of Chinese tea anytime of day!

Getting to Mandalay

By plane

  1. Mandalay International Airport welcomes approximately 20 direct international flights. Unless you’re arriving from China, Bangkok, or Singapore, we recommend flying over from more-accessible Yangon International Airport when departing from your home country. 
  2. Once you touch down at the airport, you can book a taxi into the city.Once you touch down at the airport, you can book a taxi into the city.

By bus

  1. There are several scheduled buses daily that can take you from Aung Mingalar Bus Station to Chan Shwe Pyi Highway Bus Station/Kywe Se Kan Bus Station (Approx. 9 hours).
  2. From there, take a trishaw or taxi to your destination.

By train

  1. There are 4 scheduled trains daily that can take you from Yangon Central Railway Station to Mandalay Railway Station (Approx. 12 hours).
  2. From there, take a trishaw or taxi to your destination. 

Getting Around:

The roads of Mandalay are rarely flooded with traffic, and you’ll notice a number of motorcycles in addition to cars and buses. Make sure you try trishaws too; drivers are often expert guides and the rides are a refreshing and scenic way of getting around the city!


Mandalay boasts affordable yet comfortable hotels and lodgings for travelers. Most establishments are run by locals, and they offer modern amenities combined with old-fashioned Burmese hospitality. For more information on booking accommodation best suited for your travel preferences, contact us!

If you’re traveling to Myanmar, there’s no reason to stop at just Yangon. Mandalay is a cultural hotspot home to beautiful, historical sights and delicious foods. You don’t want to miss out; plan your trip to Mandalay now!

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