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Mandalay(MDL) To Yangon(RGN) Flight Schedules

Fly From Mandalay to Yangon. Mandalay to Yangon Flight schedule and Price

Yangon(RGN) Attractions | Yangon(RGN) Promotions | Yangon(RGN) Do and Don't | Alternative Transportations
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Attractions in Yangon 

What is most attractions in Yangon ?

Yangon is used to be major city of Myanmar. But it is still most populated and economic city of Myanmar .

1.ShweDagon Pagoda ( wourld's one of amazing , you should go there like eveing around 6 pm to experiece outstanding night view with crowded locals )

2. Botatung Jetty and Sunset View - Botatung Pagoda is also situated at Botatung Jetty and you can find a lot of  white seagirls , wild river and small boats crossing the rivers .



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Do and Don't in Yangon 

We suggest to do following to do in Yangon :

1. Be careful when you eat streetfood.

We don't suggest to do following in Yangon : 

1. We don't suggest to wear shoes or in-appropiate dress on Pagoda.


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