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Yangon(RGN) To Bagan-Nyaung-U(NYU) Flight Schedules

All Information about Yangon to Bagan Flight scheduleand price

Yangon to Bagan is (628.6 km) distance and 1 hour flight duration. There are number flight flying from Yangon to Bagan since 6 am in the morning.

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Attractions in Bagan 

What is most attractions in Bagan ?

Bagan(one of UNESCO World Heritage Site) is situated in upper and center part of Myanmar and one of the major historical landmarks in Asia. Bagan has more than 2,000 Buddhist temples and pagodas (Paya) within 16 square miles, It has 3 main townships Old Bagan ( a lot of temples, pagodas and river there) , New Bagan ( New area of Bagan and a bit crowded compared to Old Bagan)  , Nyaung U is a city which has airport and bus station.

1. One Hour Sunset Cruise on Arrwaddy River ( This is free if you purchase ticket from MyanmarBusTicket.com)

2. Suggest Getting up early and on the sandy road before 6 am to watch sunrise and ballons over bagan by walking Bagan's breath taking view

3.Mount Popa (Monkey village ) is 45 minutes drive from Bagan and it is extinct volcano. 

Festivals in Bagan 

1. Ananda Temple Festival - which normally happens in 20th Jan and it starts from a week before. very crowded in Ananda Temple at that time.

2. Shwezigone Pagoda Festival - which normally happens in October or November of each year. Very popular and all of locals from near city come to there for visit.

3.New year Water Festival - which is myanmar happy new year and it falls in 13th of April to 16th of April of each year. You have to be careful if you want to travel in that period becuase there is no bus running in those dates and very difficult to buy bus ticket before and after a week of Myanmar New Year.

Bagan Zone Fees 

Zone Fee Ks 25000/-
Archeological Museum Ks 5000/-
Nan Myint Tower US$ 5
Golden Palace US$ 5 (or) Ks 5000/-


Local-Adult Ks 500/-

Child- Ks 250/-


Yangon to Bagan Daily Flight Schedule and Price  

9+ flights per day, 1h 20m duration
Yangon (RGN) to Old Bagan (NYU)
Yangon to Bagan Flight Schedule and Price
6:30 am >> 7:50 am  Mann Yadanarpon Airlines 161 -M-W-F- RGN-NYU
6:40 am >> 8:05 am  Mann Yadanarpon Airlines 281 ------S RGN-NYU
6:45 am >> 8:10 am Mann Yadanarpon Airlines 261 SMTWTFS RGN-NYU
7:00 am >> 8:20 am Mann Yadanarpon Airlines 131 SMTWTFS RGN-NYU
7:00 am >> 8:20 am Air KBZ 242 SMTWTFS RGN-NYU
7:05 am >> 8:30 am Myanmar National Airlines 485 SMTWTFS RGN-NYU
7:30 am >> 8:50 am Golden Myanmar Airlines 104 SMTWTFS RGN-NYU
8:45 am >> 10:05 am Air KBZ 211 SMTWTFS RGN-NYU
10:45 am >> 12:05 am Golden Myanmar Airlines 106 SMTWTFS RGN-NYU
Remark : Flight schedule might change and there might be more via flight please search on myanmarflightticket.com's home page 

Promotions in Bagan 

Get 10+ shop's benefits and discount at Bagan by just showing our ticket. 


Do and Don't in Bagan 

We suggest to do following to do in Bagan :

1. Try Bagan tradition clothing which is cheap and make your comfortable visiting around in Bagan, Plus it will make you unique in photos.

We don't suggest to do following in Bagan : 

1. We don't suggest to wear shoes or in-appropiate dress on Pagoda.


How to travel from Yangon to Bagan with Bus , Flight and Train ?

There are more than 27 buses operating from Yangon to Bagan everyday including JJ express, Mandalar Min, Elite Express, Famous Express and Many More . Ealiest bus is 7.30 am and lastest bus is 21:00 pm. Yangon to Bagan bus price is from 7.45 USD to 19.2 USD.

Yangon to Bagan Flight and Train Schedule and Price 

Bus is not the only option to go Bagan from Yangon, there are also 7 Flights daily running from Yangon to Bagan including Myanmar National Airlines, Air KBZ and Golden Myanmar Airlines. Ealiest Yangon to Bagan Flight is 6.45 am and lastest flight is 16.15 pm.

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There is one train operating to Bagan from Yangon everyday at 16:00 pm

Find  Yangon to Bagan Train Schedule and Price Here


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Yangon to Bagan bus schedule and Price

From To Departure Time Price Class Operators Book Now
Yangon Bagan 8:00 PM 18.5$ VIP(2+1) JJ Express Myanmar Book Now
Yangon Bagan 10:00 PM 12$ Normal(2+2) JJ Express Myanmar Book Now
Yangon Bagan 08:00 AM 11.8$ Normal(2+2) Famous Traveller Express Book Now
Yangon Bagan 08:30 PM 11.8$ Normal(2+2) Famous Traveller Express Book Now
Yangon Bagan 09:00 PM 18.5$ VIP(1+2) Famous Traveller Express Book Now
Yangon Bagan 09:00 PM 17.7$ VIP(1+2) Khine Mandalay Book Now

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