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Yangon(RGN) To NayPyiTaw(NYT) Flight Schedules

Fly From Yangon to Naypyitaw, Yangon to Naypyitaw Flight Schedule and Price 

NayPyiTaw(NYT) Attractions | NayPyiTaw(NYT) Promotions | NayPyiTaw(NYT) Do and Don't | Alternative Transportations
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Naypyitaw Attractions

What are most attractions in Naypyitaw ?

Nyapyitaw is Capital City of Myanmar and There are many of Goverment office and parliment situated there . Below are some of the places you should visit when you get to naypyitaw 

1.Uppatasanti Pagoda

2.20 Lane Highway

3. Water fountain Garden in Naypyitaw


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Do and Don't in Naypyitaw 

We suggest to do following to do in Naypyitaw :

1. Be careful when you eat streetfood.

2. Weather is hot , you should carry the water bottle all the time and wear light clothing

We don't suggest to do following in Yangon : 

1. We don't suggest to wear shoes or in-appropiate dress on Pagoda.


How to travel from Yangon to Naypyitaw by bus , flight and train ?

Alternative Routes to Naypyitaw

Bus is not the only option to go Naypyitaw From Yangon, Flight and Train are available if you want to travel from Yangon .

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